Sunday, May 01, 2011

Feeling My Age

OK, I've been going non-stop since I got here and am I TIRED. I slept a good portion of today because I experienced 6th Street last night and didn't get back to the hotel until dawn. They close the street, so there are 100's of people walking around bar hopping and partying. There is live music and food, too. I lost track of all the bars we went to - but I remember a few: Coyote Ugly, The Dirty Dog, and Besos. It was fun, but LOUD. I even got to experience a strip club. LOL The funniest part was every time I showed my ID to a doorman, they did a double take at my age, looked up at me and said "No fucking way!" Hehe..I think I like Texas. :-)

The night before we gorged on massive amounts of Italian food and yesterday before 6th Street we went to the Hula Hut. LOVE that place! You can get a Mai Tai in a FISH BOWL. Tonight is Texas BBQ, and tomorrow I'm not sure.

The weather is very strange here. It was 95 degrees at noon, and now it is 60 degrees. No shit. There could be thunderstorms tonight...oh please oh please oh please!! I would love to see a Texas storm!! Apparently Dallas has a severe thunderstorm warning, but I don't know if we will see anything here or not.

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