Saturday, April 23, 2011

A day to myself

My mom is out today and I elected to stay home and spend time with myself. I enjoy my alone time. I am missing Louie today. I should be receiving his ashes any day now, and I know it will be a hard day when I do. I am making a necklace with part of it so I can carry him with me always. That may seem weird, but there is a place that can turn ashes into a gem - and that is what I am doing; because he was a gem.

I still talk to Joe everyday, and he is a great guy, but I cannot wait any longer as I want to spend time with the one I care about. There is another nice gentleman who has been expressing interest in me, so I may explore that. It is difficult to find decent men my age who have values, and with whom I share mutual attraction with, so I don't want to miss out on a possible good opportunity. In other words, I am really picky. :-)

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