Monday, February 21, 2011

I come by it honestly...

My mom and I went to dinner and splurged on steak and lobster. MMMMM! We both had a glass of wine with dinner. Afterward, I was driving us home and my mother was whining about going to the lamp store, which I did not feel like doing. (My rule is no drinking and shopping...LOL) As I passed the store, she shrieks this: "Right lane, right lane!" I told her we weren't doing that tonight. Then I hear: "Shit! Fuck! Piss!"

Now, you may think that is just vulgar, but you have to picture the situation. My 105 pound senior citizen mother sitting in the passenger seat shouting an interesting string of obscenities because I wouldn't take her to the lamp store. Truly, it was FUNNY AS HELL.

So, to calm her down, I made Grasshoppers for dessert. :-)

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Lorri said...

Your mother = AWESOME! I hope to be half as fiesty as a Senior.