Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So I've thrust myself back into work after 11 days off. I like the structure believe it or not. BUT come January 20th, we are doing a software migration for two weeks and I won't have a thing to do. My boss suggested taking some of my vacation time since I've maxed out my vacation accrual.  Frick. We don't get our bonuses until Jan 31st of course, so doing anything interesting is out. It is ashame cuz my bonus is quite substantial this year. Woooo!  A few things I'm doing is getting a pool heater and a temperpedic mattress.  Tired of my back hurting. The rest is going in the bank. I won't know how to act with a savings account.  If I ever sell my house I might be able to salvage retirement before I'm 100.

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Anonymous said...

I've had a tempur-pedic bed for a few years. Still not quite used to it. It's hard to roll over. If the house is cold (maybe not a problem there) getting into bed is like getting into a fridge. You can't use a heating pad on that mattress either. We discarded the pillows that came with it (actually, my husband sawed them in half with the electric knife.) It should come with a trial period - take advantage of that if you need to! Good luck.