Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've been inspired to write something.

A little while ago, an old boyfriend contacted me through Facebook. It happened to be the guy that I broke it off with to be with my now ex husband. I didn't know it at the time I broke up with him, but he had bought me an engagement ring and was going to propose to me on my birthday of that year. He got really pissed when I got engaged to my ex and threatened to crash our wedding. Funny stuff. That seems so long ago. He obviously didn't hold a grudge because he sent me a really nice email. Apparently he is getting married for like, the fourth time, but this time to his best friend - a girl I know. They were friends when even we were dating; we all hung out together. They are so absolutely perfect for each other and I am genuinely happy for them. Best friends for 20+ years finally getting married - it is beautiful. It makes me believe that great things can still happen, even late in the game.

Life is still taking very strange turns for me. I've received emails asking what happened with Paul; with David; with all of them. They just weren't the right ones. I'm listening to my gut these days instead of ignoring it. If you listen, its not that hard to hear. What is your gut telling you about YOUR life?

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