Monday, November 22, 2010

So I asked my boss if I could have Wednesday off and this is how she replies:

"You can have Wednesday off on these conditions...that you do not open any WORK email, answer any WORK phone calls or do any type of WORK."


This is what my life has turned into. People knowing I will work from home on a day I have requested off as a vacation day. I am mentally ill.

I am starting a new "section" to my posts I will call "Dating Buzz". See Below.

DATING BUZZ: Paul [the Drummer] has emailed me at LEAST once a day since we met (looong emails), and calls me at least once a day. So far he is adoreable; which makes me nervous. He has also told his father all about me. (I heard his father in the background during one of our calls.) I told him all about having to call the cops on one of my interested parties and how I am now ultra untrusting and paranoid, and so he told me when he sees me that I can copy down the info on his Driver's License and Social Security Card and do a background check on him. LOL!!

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