Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So as soon as I tell him no to two dates because I have plans already, go on a business trip then get deathly ill, he suddenly becomes mega attentive emailing me 2 to 3 times a day. Wtf??  He thinks he can't have me now so game ON. Pfft. That's all fine and great except the minute he gets me I bet my life he loses all interest. Not up to it.  Sorry.  It is simple. Adore me and you will find it is worth your time. If not, hit the road Jack.

Can't sleep. Coughing my lungs through my nostrils. Don't seem to be getting better. Staying home again tomorrow. Doctor's orders.  I'm in no condition to argue. Have never missed this much work.   

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Lorri said...

Ugh. And me wonder why we'd rather spend Friday night with a bottle of wine, the puppies and some good or bad) telly.

Feel better, doll. Stress has a really "nifty" way of breaking your body down so you have NO choice but to take some time off. *Hugs*