Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm trying to get back up on the horse. I have been talking with someone new and he is much different. A little older, sophisticated. Refreshing. Not boring, but not too intense either. I am guarded, but not bitter. He is local. I give up on trying so hard and have decided to just "be". I just hope I don't have to notify the authorities about my online liasons anymore. UG

It has been pouring here the last few days. Feels like home! LOL. I miss my nightly swims though - a little too chilly. I miss my ma too. She is coming back Saturday! She keeps me laughing and makes me go outside. Hehe. I tend to isolate when alone.

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Lea said...

Notify the authorities?!? Oh, no! That sucks. It's good that you are back out there, meeting new people, though!