Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a wonderful world

I know, you aren't used to hearing that from Crazydogmama. LOL Just having a good time right now, trying not to ruin it by wondering when it will all end. Ma is going back to WA tonight - taking her to the airport soon. Mario gets back from Chicago tonight and I'm one week closer to seeing Gary. It is so cute - both my mom and I are always either on the phone to our men (she is seeing someone too) or fighting over the computer. Gary and I wake each other up a lot since we are 8 hours apart right now, but we don't care and still stumble to the computer to chat anyway. You should of heard me on the phone with Verizon Wireless trying to set up International calling - I was getting frustrated with the clerk and ending up saying "I just wanna frigging call Nigeria - make it so I can do that NOW!" LOL Love makes you do very silly things I think. Is it love? Who knows - what's that? Who cares, I love the way this feels, that is all I know.

Back to work tomorrow to the craziness. I had a great 4 days off. I am going to take two weeks off in October when Gary gets here, so I have to get everyone trained and things running smoothly!

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Dea said...

Glad to see you're believing in love. Best of luck to you! :)