Friday, September 10, 2010

What have I been up to?
To no good of course! Some pics of my recent outings...
Had a bbq at the house with my mom and Mario (he hates his pic taken) - we ate steaks, drank rum and cokes until we passed out in the sun and got sunburnt , went on a date to Laguna Beach and walked along the rocks (I dumped him 4 days later), dinner at a friends house (Al my friend pictured in the white head wrap), mom and I walked the marina at Dana Point and I took a pic of our feet; how shocking, no? LOL! and last night I spent the evening at California Adventure riding the screamin' rollercoaster (right before the launch pictur
ed) which I have now finally ridden at night!! Mario and I are doing the full Disneyland resort next weekend cuz he is in Chicago right now visiting his folks. I am so excited! We will have such a blast!
I am now in a "relationship" with Gary and probably won't date much anymore - just hang out with my new best friend Mario and my other friends. Once Gary moves here in a month we will see how things progress! I think I may have found someone REALLY special.
Today I'm going shopping at IKEA and getting my car fixed (needed some work).
That's the news...the weather is pleasant and in the upper 70's, low 80's.

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