Friday, September 03, 2010

P.F. Changs baby! MMMM

Date with ma tonight. Got our hair done and went to dinner. California has really changed both of us - I swear we act like a couple of 25 year olds. She is now sellling her house in WA and looking for a beach house! Go Mama! We chat about boys, get mani/pedi's and wait for the sales at Chico's.

Speaking of boys, I have a beach date on Sunday and Mario is hanging out with me poolside all day Monday at the house. I'm backing off just a little with Gary since he freaked me out. My mom said "oh great, if you back away he'll probably be here by Saturday.". LOL!!! I told you Mike was back, right? What to do, what to do. I'm running all of this past Mario - he's got good man-advice.

I was shocked today at work when the general manager pulled me aside and told me how awesome I am and how he had been telling the VP (the VP of the whole company!) that I am always the last to leave at night and how I was key to the success of the plant. HOLY SHIT. After the week I had, I thought he was going to fire me! He said he had my back and not to worry about a thing. Talk about not knowing what to say!! Life surprises me every single day.

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