Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fucked up day. Someone REALLY pissed me off at work and that rarely happens. Some brat always has to screw up a great situation, I swear. I also rarely lose my cool but had to put someone in their place today. I hate that.

I'm also in a little trouble and I need advice from the masses. Gary is really getting serious with me and he kinda wigged today when I mentioned something "a guy" said to me. He is all freaked that I am going to find someone else. If I told him I was dating (but nothing serious) I think he would have a heart attack. I'm not kidding. We talked about it tonight, and I told him to chill, but should I take this behaviour as a compliment or run? I don't want some crazy jealous guy (and there is no ring on this finger!), but he is so sweet and is so honestly worried that he will lose me. I told him how I felt about him getting jealous and he apologized profusely, but still. Red flag? I don't know. I really like him, but I haven't even met him in person yet. I probably ought not to tell him of the blog just yet. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Red flag! Don't run away or end things but this needs honest discussion, even if it is difficult or means losing him. I have a very jealous husband, not in a dangerous way, but honestly it's ridiculous. Had I known he was so jealous and insecure before we married (very quickly) it would have made me think twice. As you say, there's not a ring on your finger but dealing with someone else's insecurities all the time can be pretty fucked up. As independent as you seem to be you want a man who has confidence in your relationship and what he brings to it, not someone who worries he'll lose you to someone else.