Sunday, August 22, 2010

So this poor dude drove all the way down from Lake Elsinore in this old convertible corvette(he restores old muscle cars/sports cars,etc.)to meet me near my house and his alternator pops, leaving him stranded on the freeway. He calls me all upset. I'm telling him no worries - to just make sure he is OK and getting help. He tells me he will have the car towed back home, grab another car and come back out to meet me later in the evening. What a sweetheart! I told him that wasn't necessary, and that I would be happy to go out with him next weekend. He was so thrilled I wasn't mad. (Who would be mad? That's crazy.) He told me he wanted to grab coffee and if we hit it off, he wanted to drive me to the beach in his convertible and get our feet wet. Dang it! It's funny that he tells me his plans "if" we hit it off. Why would you tell your date that ahead of time? Men are silly! LOL!! So now that is the plan for next Sunday. Now I'm worried I will disappoint him with my big ass and won't get taken to the beach. :-( In the meantime I am totally enthralled with two other men with whom I am exchanging emails. I am liking the Texas guy a little too much. OMG he is a doll and a hottie. What the hell is he talking to me for?? The more I tell him what is wrong with me, the more he likes me. (Yes, I am a total idiot and do that sort of thing so that I don't mislead anyone.) Then the other one is just absolutely adoreable and tells me he will gladly relocate to be near me if I'm really for-real! These guys are telling me what a "find" I am. WTF?? I am SOOOO not used to this! Not so long ago I wasn't good enough for anybody...Feast or famine..SHEESH.

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