Friday, August 27, 2010

OK, it is official. I am a completely paranoid, insecure freak. What happened? Texas Guy (Gary) and I have been, I guess what you call, developing a long distance relationship. We talk on the phone, email, chat on Yahoo, send pics back and forth, etc. (BTW, he has the most adoreable German/English accent EVER - he just moved to Texas from London; born in Germany.) It is sort of getting serious rather quickly. (Hence my fear, paranoia and running shoes ready.) Last night we were chatting on Yahoo and the conversation was getting very intense. It was going great and then he asked me something that I didn't know how to respond to (afraid I guess) - and I paused for about 2 minutes before writing a response. (Usually it is a very quick exchange) Before I had a chance to send it, he disappeared from chat. At first I thought he just got kicked offline or something and I waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing. I tried text messaging him to make sure nothing happened. Nothing. I called. Nothing. He ALWAYS answers my calls. I emailed. Nothing. About 2 hours later I'm figuring I blew it. He asked me something important and I didn't respond. I threw my hands up and said "well that's it! He's gone." I woke up at about 6 am which would be 8 am his time. Checked email, phone...nothing. Shit. Slammed my head into the wall and told the dogs I am hopeless. I hopped in the shower. While I was in the shower I hear my phone ding. I get out. Then my phone rings. It's Gary. He is panicked. Long story short he lost power due to a Texas storm and his daughter had his cell phone. He was all worried he has lost ME! I was so relieved. We laughed about how insecure we both were and all is good in Crazydogmama land. For now.

I'm gonna hang out with my new friend tomorrow (Mario) - my kindred spirit in humor. He makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe. He also loves Disneyland so now I have someone to go with regularly. I got him an interview at my company because his contract job is almost up, and we are going to have margaritas tomorrow while I walk him through our interview process. I need him to have money so we he can afford Disneyland you see. LOL I know what you are thinking, but seriously, as gorgeous as he is, he is not my type nor am I his type romantically. Typically our conversations go like this:

Him "Did you eat your oatmeal with protein powder?"
Me "No"
Him "Why not?"
Me "No time. Grabbed a coffee instead."
Him "Damnit woman! Then you will add 30 minutes to your workout today."
Me "I'm not working out today."
Him "Yes you are."
Me "No I'm not. I have cramps."
Him "Oh for fuck's sake..."
Me "I do! And I'm still sore from yesterday's workout!"
Him "I don't care, get your lazy ass up."
Me "Bite me."
Him "Don't tempt me."
Me "Bring it!"


A conversation I recently had with Gary:

Me "So what are you going to do with your house in London?"
Him "I don't know yet, we can decide that later."
Me (choking on my coffee) "We?"
Him "Well...yeah."

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