Saturday, August 07, 2010

My feet are going to fall off. OMG. I am too old to be at Disneyland for 15 hours. BED.

Oh, and I may have been mistaken about Mike - he didn't disappear. I think I'm a bit pessimistic about men sticking around; they like to disappear on me. I sent the kids (stepson and his girlfriend) off to go get some fast passes for some rides while I sat and checked my email, and just as I see 2 emails come in from Mike, MY PHONE DIES. Of course. I'm such a tard. I'm all "NOOOO! NOT NOW!". LOL I was a little down today, even at Disneyland, until I saw that. We did all have a great time, but it is hard being a third wheel (if you know what I mean), even as a sudo-parent.

I'm still working on the pics.

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