Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I just had the day from hell. HELL. Traffic was a nightmare. I had an appointment with the DMV to get my Cali license and I circled the parking lot for 45 minutes trying to get a parking space to no avail missing my appointment and leaving me cussing. I spilled my lunch down the front of my WHITE blouse, everything I touched at work had a problem, our electronic doc system went down and I lost my work, nobody would leave me alone - even when I tried to sit and have a coffee, the dinner I cooked turned out like shit and I want to know where in the holy hell my knight in shining armor is that is supposed to rescue me from all of of this!!? I would love to just fall into his arms right now. I'd have better luck winning the lotto I think. BLAH!!

The capper for the day...

I stopped at a little mini mart on the way home. There were 3 punk kids blocking the door harassing people. Normally I would take the safe route and drive to another one, but not today. I was in NO mood to be any more inconvenienced. I got out of my car with a ball point pen in my hand, slammed the door, walked over to the entrance like my feet were mad at the ground (with high heels on) sporting a pissed-off look on my face. The three punks looked over my way, backed away from the door and didn't utter a peep. Smart of them. I was ready to jam that pen into someone's neck if anyone tried to touch me.


Lea said...

Sorry your day sucked...but that part about the punks and the ball point pen cracked my ass up. Good for you!

Cheryl said...


LOVE your new profile pic!