Monday, July 12, 2010

Unfortunately, I don't really believe in love anymore. People just get what they need from you and leave. That or they just keep using you because they don't want to be alone. We are all guilty of it. I'm not just talking about my stupid past, I see it all around me. Talking to people, and observing. You may just think I'm jaded, but if you look around, even look deep inside yourself, you'll see it's just the human condition. If you are lucky enough to feel a real kind of love, are you strong enough to risk everything? Or do you not believe either? Tell me, do you see it anywhere?


Dea said...

I believe in true love and in having a soul mate. Love exists in many forms: love for child, friend, family members.

Recognizing love and having the courage to reach for it is difficult and scary.

Never give up on finding love or doing whatever it takes to hold onto it.

Ann(ie) said...

I believe in true love as well. I think there are days, months and years that test any relationship, and it's hella hard work, but some are just pure and genuine even through the bumps. I agree, don't give up. xx.