Monday, July 19, 2010

There are 3 flies in here and my mom is in ninja mode. I just felt the wind from her fly-swatting over my head. She is frigging dangerous with that thing! LOL. SMACK! SLAM! SWAT! SLAM! Now she has the garbage disposal going. ??? Gross. It is very hard to concentrate. Now she's giggling. I live in a nut house. I'm surprised the dogs aren't barking.

Had a really good day at work. Why? Well...let's see. I have been invited by some new friends to the OC (Orange County) fair and when I stood up from my desk, put my hands on my hips and addressed the trailer "Who wants to go to Disneyland with me?" - I got a very enthusiastic IT (Information Technology) guy raise his hand and say "ME!". So it looks like I'm going to start having some fun. Then I had one of the Validation guys asking me how to treat his sunburn. Yes, it makes sense, no? A California guy raised in Arizona inquiring about sunburn care from someone who lived in Washington State for 33 years. Hmmm.

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