Thursday, July 22, 2010

I just worked two 12-hours days in a row and I'm beat. But I met my deadline, damnit! I *think* I have a date tomorrow. I made plans with a guy I met online who lives about 3 minutes from here, but we keep playing email/phone tag so I don't know if it will be delayed or not. Should be interesting. A business man, older than me, very direct (no BS). We'll see. I'm quite direct also and brutally honest about myself and what I want and don't want. I thought I scared him off and sent a "thanks and good luck" email, but a few days later he emailed back and said "you aren't getting away that easily". Love that in a man!

The IT guy at work keeps saying how much he is looking forward to the OC fair and Disneyland. Too cute.

The remodeling is going well, but having the house torn apart all the time is maddening. The contractor is working on the guest bedroom now since I am having guests soon. I don't want to take pics until I have stuff put away in the rooms, so be patient with me. :-) My bedroom looks AWESOME, the office is painted now and the crown moulding is going in there tomorrow maybe? My bathroom is done except for cleaning and putting my excessive bath products away. I have a new air conditioner for my room - one with a hose instead of going in the window. The house air conditioning is being fixed, but it doesn't cool down the upstairs bedrooms very well so I need the extra one so I don't die. I can't wait until I can have a balcony built with french doors and stairs going down to the pool from my bedroom. That is the plan, but it has to wait. That will be the last thing. But HOW COOL WILL THAT BE??? My own private paradise.

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