Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Day at the Seattle Corporate Office

Yes, I got my way. ;-) I don't throw fits very often so that when I do, people take me seriously.

It was kind of a sad day. When I first started this job, I didn't like it much. It took awhile to get to know everyone (new people were kind of ignored) and it was pure chaos - training consisted of trial by fire. I remember crying the first couple of weeks thinking I made a big mistake. Then I decided to change things around there and it worked! We became a great team and earned respect from the other departments by working hard, working smart, being accommodating and of course I threw my screwy humor into it. Now I have to start all over at the new plant, but I'm confident now that it can be done. I will very much miss my coworkers whom I became quite close with. I was so touched today when a lady I worked with almost came to tears saying goodbye. I have been showered by all kinds of gifts...a new lava lamp, lots of earrings, a necklace, underwater dumbells for the pool (lol!), a scarf, many lunches, two cocktail parties, wind chimes, sun tan lotion, and so on and so on...I don't know how to feel, it is quite overwhelming to think people care like this. I didn't know. I'm getting all choked up thinking about it. I am going in one last time on Friday to meet everyone for lunch. You know, its funny, I will even miss my coffee girl! I weeded through all my scrapbook crap and gave her two huge bags full of stuff - some of it not even opened yet. She was so thrilled that I am no longer allowed to pay for coffee! I may miss her the most!!!

Life is all about the people you cross paths with. You never know how they will affect you, or how you will affect them.

Tomorrow, the painter is back at 8 am, I'm getting my hair done and going out with my hairdresser (she is a total sweetheart and wants to go out after my appointment to say goodbye too!), and of course more packing. My real estate agent friend came by last night to have me sign the seller paperwork and we are going to list this weekend and put up the for sale sign. I know I will lose it (cry). I wanted to have all the work done first. The cleaning lady comes Thursday along with 2 doctor's appointments. Having to cram everything into this week has left me with a very full schedule. It would bore you to list the details and I'm starting not to be able to read my own writing in my planner anyway. Too many fricking cross-outs and rewrites!

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Screw it, I'm wiped!


Lea said...

A new adventure is about to begin for you! Your life (what I've read over the years on your blog, at least) has changed so much...and from an outsider's perspective, it seems very exciting, even with the stress and rushing around!

Ann(ie) said...

I agree with lea....all good, timely, exciting, fun change. You're gonna love it!! And that cali sun will help you destress once you're there. Xx. See you in sept!