Wednesday, April 07, 2010

There is no suitable title for this post.

So my stepson calls me today. This is not unusual, in fact we've gotten very close since my divorce, but he called while I was at work (instead of texting) so I was concerned when I couldn't answer. I discreetly texted him back quickly to make sure everything was ok. Usually he calls to tell me he got a part in a play, or wants to go out for dinner, or something like that - but this is what he called about today:

"Me and BJ found a muffler. Can we sell it?"

LOL!!! Crazy kid. Then he wanted to know if they could come raid my fridge. Have you ever had ravenous teenage boys raid your fridge? Yeah.

Right now I'm catching up on "Modern Family" and eating Velveeta right out of the box. THAT can't be good. Shit.

One more thing. It is supposed to snow 2 feet in the mountains the next few days and be extremely stormy. I have a date on Saturday that requires me to drive right through it. Neat. Murphy's Law. It hasn't snowed all fucking winter.


Anonymous said...

Velveeta? Really? Please don't wear your tiara while eating Velveeta!

Crazydogmama said...

How dare you talk to the Queen that way!! It was Mexican Velveeta, and HEY, good idea with my CROWN!

Just shut up. ;-)

Aliwazere said...

What's a muffler?

Anonymous said...

If you're going to sully your image by eating Velveeta while wearing a crown you must post a photo of said activity.

Anonymous said...

I love velveeta!! Don't forget I will need a date update post date. :)

Xx. Annie

Cheryl said...

As if my image was not already Sullied by having this blog...LOL! You are too funny.

Annie - of course you'll get an update...the whole world gets an update..hehe...

Ali - they don't have mufflers in the UK??? A muffler is part of a vehicle's exhaust system to reduce noise. They fall off occasionally. LOL Your comment in the middle of the other comments just cracked me up for some reason. ;-)