Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OMG the world almost came to end tonight. I turned my TV on...no signal. Reset it, unplugged it and plugged it back in, did everything I knew how to do. Nothing. I know the bill is paid. So I went to my computer to get online to get Direct TV's number. NO INTERNET. WTF??? Did an EMP hit my house?? Spent an hour trying to diagnose the problem. Gave up and called my ISP. A 30 minute wait to talk to an agent. Wanting to kill someone at this point. Gave up after 10 minutes and decided to take my modem apart and put it back together. That worked! Hallelujah!! Went online to get 24 hour tech support for TV. Spent an hour online with them and got nowhere. CRAP. The earliest they can have a guy out is WEDNESDAY. This means I miss "24" AND "LOST". AAAARG!!! PLUS, I have to work from home on Wed. to be here. Hopefully my boss will let me. Good grief. At least my crackberry is working. Lord have mercy. LOL

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