Saturday, April 17, 2010

I need a bed for my office...

...Since I am THERE MOST OF THE TIME. I wish I could bring the doggies with their little doggie beds, too. Of course they frown on that in medical facilities. Bah!

So here is my office with the TV-size monitor and yes, I keep it THAT dark. I HATE fluorescent lighting - gives me headaches. Dark is calming and soothing in a crazy and frustrating environment. Shut up about the pizza, salad and root beer to the right - it was free, OK?? I worked Friday night, Saturday for 5 hours and I have to go in tomorrow. UG. At least I'm needed. ;-)

I am feeling better today - just tired with a slight sore throat. I did cough all night long, though, so I am not getting enough rest. If it keeps up, I PROMISE to go to the doctor and get cough medicine.

One more thing. I am very proud of my mother. We were driving today - her at the wheel - and I was giving her crap about her driving.

Me: (holding onto the ceiling of the truck for stability): "Are we late for something??"
Mom: No, this is just how I drive.
Me: Why don't you slow down a bit?
Mom: Why don't you shut the fuck up?

The apple doesn't far fall from the tree. LOL


Ann(ie) said...

first of all you suck because you have a prettier office than me. 2nd this crud sucks, we're all sick here too. Meh. 3rd you and your ma crack me up!! I will never in my life forget the exchange you to had on your wedding day!! I love the transparency!! Xx. Feel bettah.

Cheryl said...

LOL - you know I don't even remember what she said on my wedding day? All I know is I probably should have listened to her. HA. You feel better too!