Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Louie!!

My big boy is 11 (77 in dog years)! He is my grumpy little old man. LOL

I will be covering my old ankle Tattoo with something simple like this:

Looks like I have a pretty good chance of getting my big promotion and moving. Most likely to California, but I haven't ruled out Dallas if I don't get this one. I would have no mortgage and a pool in California, though! Wow, life is really changing...kind of weird. I had this idea of what my life was going to be like once...I'll never make that mistake again! I should know within a month or so.


Anonymous said...

How exciting!

Look at all that ink in that tattoo. It is gonna HURT! Who needs enemies when you can get encouragement like this from your fans?

Cheryl said...

Hey now - no freaking me out!!! LOL If I can get through a kidney stone, I can deal with anything...even if it IS self-induced. ug. I'll just cry and cuss. I'm sure they are used to that. ha.