Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun things

First, a reader of mine now has her own blog - so let's hear it for "A Green Guitar"! (See link to right) There is also a link on her site that I have been stalking called "June Bug on a String" - great site also! In fact, I am now inspired to read this book will be obvious why:

"Divorce is never easy, and fortysomething Nikki finds herself unwillingly thrust into a major identity crisis. She was happy being a housewife and mother in an upscale neighborhood of Colorado Springs and thought all was well until her husband takes off, and the family house blows up. As she slowly comes out of the fog of divorce, Nikki realizes she needs a job and a place to live, then has to face the clash with her old way of life: her fancy friends can't understand her waitress job: they eat in restaurants, they don't work in them. Nikki veers away from her now strained relationships, makes new friends, and enters the world of dating. As Nikki tries to find herself, her old dream of making perfume as a business instead of a hobby infuses her with purpose, but is she willing to take a risk? With great insight Samuel explores the many problems facing newly divorced women and offers hope and inspiration in the form of one gutsy heroine. Patty EngelmannCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved "

The part that says "...and the family house blows up" just made me laugh. That seems so appropriate to me at this point in my life. Now, I wasn't a housewife, mother (except my stepson) or "upscale" by ANY means, but the starting over and taking risks inspires me. I am currently in the middle of going in a completely new direction. I am applying for positions at my company's new sites; which are all out of state. We will see what happens...


Tracy said...

Haha! I wasn't a housewife while married either, unless you count working full time and THEN doing all the cleaning! No kids. No upscale lifestyle.

Good luck on the work stuff! I hope you get a great opportunity in a great location.

Crazydogmama said...

We're like twins!