Saturday, April 24, 2010

Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend...

Remember that "Loverboy" (love that headband!) song from the 80's? LOL! I have it in my head..

So I'm at work waiting for people to get things to me so I can edit them. Taking a little lunch break to blog in order to appease my readers. There are so many things happening right now (can't talk in detail yet...) and my head is spinning. My life could be in for another major change - a really positive one I think. Regarding my career, I'm meeting with someone next week to discuss a possible transfer/promotion; which would be out of state. I will talk more about it once I know more - don't want to jump the gun here. I have decisions to ponder, people to talk to and arrangements to make, but it is all very exciting. These things take time of course, so nothing is going to happen quickly - but I am optimistic and excited nonetheless.

For the month of May I am going to concentrate on getting some repairs done on the house and finish the painting. These things need to be done whether I stay or go - so no time like the present. I haven't been on anymore dates or been talking online to anyone seriously - I'm taking a break from it and concentrating on other things. I occasionally get emails and hello's, but that is about it. The one guy I recently went on a date with keeps in touch, but we haven't discussed another date yet. I've been sick and super busy though, so that is probably why. I'm still holding out for my fairy tale though...haha. That happens, right? PFFFT!

A month and a half until my 2 week vacation! Woohoo! Oh, that's another thing...if this move happens for me, I will have enough money to start doing some of the traveling I've always wanted to do! Wouldn't that be COOL? Well, I think so. :-) I've certainly paid my dues!

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Daedak said...

well, good for you. whatever happens, you need to stay in touch. I, also, am moving out of state. One week left here.. Thank God!