Sunday, March 28, 2010

My day - not that you care. LOL

It's funny, who cares about some stranger's day? But, I read lots of blogs and LOVE reading about other people's days! It is a strange phenomenon I guess, but I think it is cool to see how other people go through life. You get ideas, laugh, cry and empathize. You get to know people. Being that I mostly work long hours and live alone, the internet has been a great tool for me to communicate with people and not isolate. I worked pretty much all day on the computer. I got a little frustrated because everything I tried to work on had some sort of problem, but I was productive and I feel good about my progress. Hopefully I scored some points with the big dogs who can give me more money! HA. I broke down and ordered a pizza and got to expense it to the company - gotta love THAT! It gave me a major tummy ache though, and it came back up. GROSS. I guess now that I have been eating super healthy for 7 or so weeks now, my system rejects grease and fat. YAY! I made some tea and ate one of my bistro md meals and I feel fine now. Been intermittenly doing laundry, did the dishes and was going to mow the lawn but it started raining. Thanks God! hahahaha. Now I'm catching up on blogging, emails and am actually going to finish my ironing before bed. A year ago I would have never done all of that in one day! Go ME! I didn't get my exercise in today, though. Bad me. I'm going to run stairs tomorrow at work though with my friend Jenny. There is a big stairwell that goes down to the parking garage and we like to run up down until we feel dizzy. Silly, huh?

Anyway - gotta get to the ironing and get some shut eye. Sorry for the boring blogging this weekend. Hopefully something exciting will happen this week to post about.

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