Monday, March 29, 2010

It was a dark and stormy night...

Thunder, lightning and mega rain tonight! Love it! I have all the lights out except my laptop (with surge protector on!) and the dogs are at my feet. It is cool - makes a great ambiance for the storm!

So WOW, had some drama today. (I HATE drama...) Remember that guy I turned down for a date? (I think I blogged about that...ha...the memory is already going) Anyway, he caught me online tonight and struck up an instant message chat. It started out ok, but then he got all pissed off that I turned him down! He actually cyber-yelled at me, got all huffy and signed off. Isn't that sad? Sheesh. I'm thinking I made the right choice there. LOL In other news, I was asked out by a different man (the one East of the Mountains that I mentioned) and I said "Yes!". That's right! Crazydogmama has a date! As much as I can tell so far, he is a kind, gentle, intelligent man who writes and expresses himself well, is super sweet and been through similar circumstances as myself. He is both a part time Firefighter and EMT. Anyway, not this weekend because of Easter, but the weekend after we are meeting for coffee. I'm looking forward to it!

I went in late today to work because of all the hours I worked this weekend, then went home early to take a nap. Gotta like that! Of course now I'm wide awake...sometimes I wonder about my brain or lack of one. LOL


Lea said...

Have fun on your date. In advance!

midnightbunny said...

I hope the date will go well. And with that other guy ... sheesh is right ... you are lucky you didn't end up going out with him. If he gets upset over something online, imagine what he would be like IRL. Yikes! lol ;D

Keep us posted on how the date goes. :) :) :) :)