Monday, February 01, 2010

Several things here. Lou is sporting my new scarf and leopard gloves, albeit with much pissedoffness. (pissedoffness = a crazydogmama word; I am creating a dictionary.) I could NOT get him to look at the camera. He punishes me for doing such things. I'm sure he'll shit on the floor later. You may also notice that there are no sheets on my bed. Yep, just mattress. I washed the sheets over a week ago and have not put them back on. I am the epitomy of laziness sometimes. I also hate putting sheets on. HATE. IT.

I bought this candle, and I don't care if I had 1000 dogs in this house simultaneously peeing, you would not smell it! It is SO worth the $8.99. Trust me on this.


Chele said...

I love those candles, we sell them at work. However despite Pumpkin being my favorite, I now hate it. I spilled an entirely melted one all over me and my things... smelled that for DAYS. New apple cobbler one is amazing

Elizabeth said...