Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have HOT water!!! Finally!

I have never missed something so much...

I am going to take a nice...long...bubble bath. Ooooh the luxury. The steam. The pretty girly smells. Cold showers can really make you a lunatic, LET ME TELL YOU. Not that I had far to go.

Change of subject.

I'm finding that I'm very picky. (and you know what I mean) No one is cutting the mustard. So far it is fun and very interesting...making some good friends...but I think I'm a freak magnet. OK, not every guy I've talked with is necessarily a freak, but they just aren't good enough. And damnit, I'm not settling! I'm not even settling for a mediocre date - if they don't come up with something cool, forget it. (Disneyland is cool, so I'll do that one.) You never know until you really get to know someone, but I gotta "feel it". Not that I was expecting (nor wanting) this to be a quick or easy process, I'm just sayin'.

Can't afford cable....OUT.
In between jobs...OUT.
Wants to marry me after 2 emails...OUT.
Calls me incessantly...OUT.
Can't type a complete sentence...OUT.
Refers to himself in the 3rd person...OUT. (Wasn't that a Seinfeld episode? LOL)

Hellooooooo...normal guys....where are yooooou??? I'm not trying to be shallow or snobby or anything, I just have standards, that's all.

They say when you stop looking, THAT'S when it happens. OK. Maybe I'll give that a try - this is nuts.

OK, gotta run. Hot water awaits...


Anonymous said...

Most of us are already married (what can I say, we're keepers). Don't give up though, there are some decent guys who have lousy wives and once they realize that they can do better they move on and become available.

Crazydogmama said...

Are you saying I was a lousy wife and wasn't a keeper?


Anonymous said...

No. I'm saying that there are still some decent guys out there and one will come along eventually.

interpretation of dreams said...

Let me say that your so called list of "rejected" boys it's very funny. When i say it, good =))..any way, you know what it is been told, that each one of us has it's "soul mate" ..bla bla...girl, you just have to do some deep searches ..skip chating, coz you will find here, more like you said there, marry me after two emails...

Nice that i found your blog..keep up the good work, and stay focus )