Thursday, February 11, 2010

Four-day weekend, baby!!

Wooooo! I don't know what I wanna do. People keep asking me to do stuff, but part of me just wants to curl up with the dogs and not leave the couch for 4 days. Or go to Greece. Either one. HA.

So what is everyone doing for Valentines Day? As usual, no love for Crazydogmama. :-( Perhaps I will clean the garage. Good times.

I went out with some coworkers tonight to bid farewell to a friend of mine who was contracting. His contract ended and they didn't renew it so we thew him a party. It was a hoot. I (think) I got a compliment tonight. One of the ladies who joined us said to me "I didn't know you were so funny!" She said I was "fun". I thought it was nice. Apparently I'm "funny". I actually wasn't trying to be - it must just be that shiny personality of mine. LOL

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Daedak said...

No love for me either. Cupid is a schmuck.