Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Day of Dealing with Dickheads. That was today. I have my moments like anyone else, but I don't believe I am hard to get along with or talk to - in fact most people I work with tell me I am one of the most easy-going people they have ever met. HOWEVER...if you are a dickhead, I run out of patience with you at some point and tell you like it is. Dickheads generally don't take this well. LOL

SOME people like to be aggressive with me and do not respect any knowledge or authority I might have in my profession of 16 years. I can deal with that if they are diplomatic and professional, but when they get in my face, I absolutely do NOT back down and stand my ground. I had to do that today. I will probably hear about it tomorrow. Oh well. I have no problems admitting fault or apologizing if I have stepped over the line, but I will get my point across come hell or high water. I am just not a "lay down and die" kind of person.

Okay, enough of that - I don't want to get "Dooced". haha. (If you don't know what that is, try Googling it.)

I decided to say "fuck it" tonight and order a pizza. Haven't done that in quite awhile! (I had a slice at the California Pizza Kitchen the other night, but mostly ate salad.) I have lost 22? pounds now since I started keeping track - probably more, but I just want to indulge this evening. Tomorrow it will be back to Bistro MD and protein shakes. The pizza people said it was going to take an HOUR AND 20 MINUTES for delivery. CRAP. I won't be eating until 9pm. Well, at least I won't get interrupted during 'LOST'!

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