Monday, February 15, 2010

4 days of bliss comes to an end

The weekend is over. Poo. I did enjoy parts of it - my mom and I had fun and I had a nice lively email chat this morning that kept me in stitches..(NY guy), and a long-ass phone conversation tonight with California boy. That's right - two men. What do you know! and in the same day! LOL!!! NY guy and I have been sending pictures back and forth. Quite amusing, I must say! We both like to snap cheesy cell phone pics. My mom was bugging me during my email chat this morning and so I sent of pic of her to him too. She wasn't mad at all! She even picked out the pic! (My mother won't allow me to post pics of her on the internet, but she is good with sending them to my cyber boyfriends! She is so funny.) "What did he say now??" "What are you talking about?" "Can I read it?" (um...NO.) California boy is planning my Cali vacation in June for me. :-) He is gonna go broke. hahahaha.

I should go to bed, but I'm wired. Too much coffee. The dogs have gone bonkers. They have EVERY freakin' dog toy out. You can't even walk in here. At least they are happy. :-)

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