Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Well smack my ass and call me Sally! I got a comment!

AND a new follower! SEE? Begging works. Actually, I got TWO comments - thanks to Lea too. Lea - I will definitely post some food pics and recipes, but I need to actually COOK something first. Since I've been a single for awhile now it is just no fun to cook for one. I don't like leftovers. Y'all gotta come over so I have a reason to get greasy in the kitchen! I did some cooking over the holidays for my mom and some friends, but other than that I've been living on frozen burritos. UG. I might make some real Mexican food tonight - but I'm not thinking it will be photo-worthy. I do have a recipe I will share for some Mongolian Flank Steak that I might make this weekend. I guess I will just continue to write about my ever-changing life, I'm getting less and less "private" if you haven't noticed. Nothing too exciting right now, though. I guess the most interesting thing I've got at the moment is that I'm going to get my tattoo changed. I'm not thinking going through life with "Jim" written on my ankle is going to do me any good. Not looking forward to THAT pain! The stupid shit you do when you're young...sigh.


Blasé said...

WHOOOOoo! You're on a Roll, Baby!

Ann(ie) said...

When I'm done with stoopid nutrisystem puleeeez cook for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I cooked up a big (whole) beef tenderloin on New Years day. It was absolutely the best piece of meat I have ever prepared (not that I've ever had but that I have ever personally prepared). Let me know if you interested and I'll tell you how I prepared it.

Obviously it's not something you prepare for one, but if you ever have a dinner party or party buffet you will LOADS of compliments. And the best part is ... it's so easy!

-Aunt Katie

Cheryl said...

Of course I want the recipe! Then I can make it for Annie!