Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Java Monster!

I tried this energy drink today called Java Monster "Loca Moca". MMMM. Now I'm bouncing off the walls! I gotta do something, go somewhere...aaahhhh.

OK - question. There is this guy at work. He is handsome, sweet and successful. He is not married, but I think he has a girlfriend. He works in a different building than me, but I'm always running into him. Several times now at company meetings and functions, I catch him staring at me, then when I catch his gaze, he very quickly turns his head away very deliberately - very noticeable. In fact, if it wasn't so dramatic, I would think nothing of it, but it keeps happening. He also seems nervous around me. Does this mean anything? I have no clue - but it seems odd.


WeirdandWonderful said...

i would say give a quick wink....he's looking...maybe all is not well with gf..can't hurt to try.
good luck!

Cheryl said...

Hopefully I can do it fast enough before he turns away! LOL

Anonymous said...

I bet you are a good winker! Practice, and show us a picture.