Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holy CRAP!

I may have met someone online, he may be calling me tomorrow, and I may be freaking out! This guy is NOT messing around! I'm safe for the moment, he doesn't live in this state...but he isn't that far away.

I've had butterflies in my tummy all day, I'm all flustered and fidgety and my mom is making fun of me.

He is very kind and handsome, and he seems to like me despite the fact that I am a freak. You never know about the online thing - but oh well, gotta take risks sometimes.

He has a Harley and wants to know if I want to ride in his CAMARO. um..YES PLEASE! ;-)


Lea said...

Certainly exciting! And although it goes without careful!

I wonder what year the Camaro is-the older ones are the best :)

Cheryl said...

yes, careful...always!

The camaro is a 2010 (I prefer older ones too, but still cool)