Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some of my "Facebook" conversations...

I had talked about my divorce and being traded in for a much younger model and Jeffery had the best comment: (sorry Jeffery, I am exploiting you on my blog...hope you don't mind hehe)

"These things have a tendency to backfire on people. Which is worth more? A 1965 Ford Mustang, or a 1985 Ford Mustang? When the new car smell wears off, pretty sure Jim will be faced with "What the hell was I thinking?" Sorry it is causing you pain, but I am confident that wonderful things and opportunities are going to open up for you. Just keep hanging in there and know your friends will be there for you."

My sarcastic ass wrote back and asked if I could be a 1967 SS Camaro instead - see below.

He said "sure can be whatever car you like. I will even pass on the myriad of jokes about who gets to drive. But, inquiring minds often get told to shut the hell up."



Daedak said...

This guy Jeffery sounds like a very intelligent, wise, and good looking man. You really should listen to him. LOL. My brother Joe had a simple piece of advice he loved to give. According to Joe: don't sweat the small shit, and remember, it is all small shit. He would have probably preferred a motorcycle comparison: ie... 1948 Knucklehead, vs 1984 amf wannabe Japanese made Harley.

Cheryl said...

LOL!! Yeah, Jeffery is a good egg.

Speaking of Harleys..In my younger days, I would have hopped on a Harley in a second - but I am a walking disaster now and would probably kill myself on one.