Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010 everyone! I'm sitting here having a cup of coffee so I can stay awake for the countdown. I won't be kissing anyone at midnight - a tradition I've always had. Guess I'll kiss Lou-dog. LOL

This is going to be my year. It HAS to be, damnit! It is due time.

Highlights of 2009: Got a kickass job, I got to go to NY/NJ and went to California for a week in June. I had an overabundant Christmas thanks to my kickass mom and had a good friend (my second mom) visit for a week. I also got in touch with an old friend that I previously wasn't able to get in touch with and it has been nice.

Let's not talk about the crap part of the year.

What is in store for 2010? God only knows...but I'm trying to be optimisic! Cheers!

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