Monday, November 16, 2009

One word for this place: ORGASM. If you like meat, that is - which I do. OMG, they keep bringing you skewers of meat for hours! My drink was some type of traditional Brazilian drink which tasted like a cross between a margarita and mojito with lime instead of mint. WOOO - can knock you on your ass if you aren't careful! The dessert cart, well, even though I ate more meat than my body could handle, I still made room for the best chocolate mousse cake I've ever had. I'm going to need to go buy new clothes for getting home because before this trip is over I'm going to have gained 10 pounds. They also played this fun live drum music which has your butt dancing in your chair. We were there for like, 3 hours.

So tomorrow we are skipping out of work early and hitting the Big Apple for a whirlwind tour. I instantly hit it off with a girl I'm training there, and her and her husband are going to show us all the good stuff/places. I can't wait!

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