Sunday, November 15, 2009

OK where would you like to start? The machine that is supposed to spit out your boarding pass quickly and easily? Did not. I annoyed about 12 people. Not my fault. Had to wait 20 min. for someone to help me and she so happily says "oh here you are, just a glitch!". I wanted to scratch her eyeballs out. I about had a heart attack. I got to the gate, went to get a coffee with my boss, set it down, and when I turned around, my trench coat sent the coffee flying. Then, once on board, I promptly sat down, and my knee kind of went underneath the arm rest and a bunch of gum got all over my pants. I did get an aisle seat (yay!), but the beverage cart lady spilled OJ on me. I KNOW!

Then there were the old people I sat next to. Get this - they brought their own crackers with OLD, WARM, CRUMBLED BLUE CHEESE. Who brings that kind of stinky ass shit on an airplane?? OMFG it smelled like sweaty vomit feet. I thought bringing your own food was forbidden??

Once we got into the Newark terminal, we got to ride on one of those complimentary little inside cars because I'm telling you right now, I wasn't about to walk 20 miles to the car rental place. I am not exaggerating here, GEEZ! Then we got on the train/monorail thingee where we noticed a left behind sack. Oh crap! Bomb! LOL. I took a picture - see above. I also took a pic of my hotel room bed. Pretty! And comfy!

So yes, the East Coast has welcomed me. I'm too tired to write anymore, but we had a blast at dinner with our local coworkers. Brasilia. I'll talk about it later. Cool experience.

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