Friday, November 20, 2009

NY rocks! Me loves it!

It was so much fun, and quite hysterical. My boss and I drove over in our rental car and got LOST. I bet no one ever does THAT....HA. Even following Mapquest we found ourselves somewhere in Newark wondering how we did a complete circle while following the directions exactly. We finally just "winged it" and went with our gut, and when we found the Lincoln Tunnel we shouted with glee! Both of us raised our arms and yelled yaaaaaaay! I couldn't stop laughing.

I got vertigo looking up at all those skyscrapers! We were both like kids in a candy store running around in the dark. We didn't get there until about 8 something at night and didn't get back until 2 am. We spent our time at Rockefeller Plaza and went up to the "Top of the Rock" to the observatory. AMAZING. The pic of my boss crouching is because she is afraid of heights and it was funny to watch her attempt to look at the NY skyline at the top of the observatory. She was a tad nervous. LOL

We watched the iceskaters, we ate a hot dog and a gyro from a street vendor and purchased some goodies for friends and family back home. More than one weirdo approached us trying to sell watches, bags, etc. I got a great kick out it.

My phone died from taking pics (sorry all my pics are lousy) and so we didn't have directions home. We were tired and not quite as excited about that, but did figure it out. Everyone honks their vehicle horn in NY. EVERYONE. All the time. HONK HONK HONK. It was annoying at first then we just joined in for the heck of it. :-) Very different from home, but quite the experience! Had a blast.
I'm flying back tonight - hopefully it will be better than the trip here. UG.

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Ann(ie) said...

GOD do I love me that city. We are going to do a girls trip there one year. I am dead serious!!!!