Friday, November 06, 2009

New Nano fireplace...
Happy girl I am! And it is not even my birthday yet!!

The house is wreck since putting the fireplace in - everything I own is scattered everywhere. It makes me nervous. I don't know why. Things are not clean or organized or neat and it makes me all twitchy. I don't seem to be in an all-out quick hurry to clean it though...

On my iPod, I have a VERY eclectic blend of music. Currently I'm rockin' out to "Mama Said Knock You Out". LOL I don't get into Rap generally, but I LOVE that song. I like Boxing too - probably why I like the song. Hey - rock with me...

I know ALL the words and sing it out loud. With moves. It makes me feel all macho. It also raises a few eyebrows. hehe...

Dude! LL Cool J has some guns - damn!

"Mama Said Knock You Out"
Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin' my peers
Puttin' suckers in fear
Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go boom
Explosion, overpowerin'
Over the competition, I'm towerin'
Records shock
When I drop these lyrics
That'll make you call the cops
Don't you dare stare
You betta move
Don't ever compare me to the rest
They'll all get sliced and diced
Competition's payin' the price
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
Don't you call this no regular jam
I'm gonna rock this land
I'm gonna take this itty-bitty world by storm
And I'm just getting warm
Just like Mohammad Ali, they called him Cassius
Watch me bash this beat like a skull
Dontcha know I gotta beef wit'
Why don't you rip with me, the maniac psycho
Cuz when I pull out my jammy, get ready cuz it might go
How do you like me now?
The reverend will not allow
you to get wit' Mr. Smith don't risk
Listen to my gear shift
I'm blastin', outlastin'
Colors like shaft, so you could say I'm shaftin'
Old English fill my mind and I came up with this funky rhyme
Shadow boxin' when I heard you on the radio
I just don't know
What made them forget that I was raw
But now I gotta new toy
I'm going insane
Frontin' the hurricane
Releasin' pain
Lettin' you know
You can't gain or maintain
Unless you say my name
Diggin' and drillin' a hole
Well I'll pass your goal
Shotgun blasts are heard
When I rip and kill at will
The man of the hour, tower of power
I will devour
I'm gonna tie you up and let you understand
That I'm not your average man
When I gotta jammy in my hand
Listen to the way I slay your crew
Destruction, terror and mayhem
Pass me a ....I'll slay him
Farmers (WHAT)
Farmers (WHAT)
Ready? (READY)
I think I'm gonna bomb a town
Don't you never, ever
Pull my lever'
Cause I explode
And my nine is easy to load
I gotta thank God
'Cause he gave me this chance to rock
Hard... knock you out

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Ann(ie) said...

My ipod is how I decompress these days!!! And I likey the fireplace girlie. Did you talk to amy? I'm worried about her but I don't want to bug her. :( let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same. Xo. Happy weekend. We are all jammies all day here. Matts working today and I have to go to the office tomorrow and reconcile my expense report or they will yank my company cc. Ug. Not terribly thrilled to go in on sunday, but it is what it is. I get to meet a friend for a yummy brunch afterward. I'm babbling and I'm gonna stop. Xx.