Monday, November 09, 2009


*This is a very feminine post about farting and belching. If those things offend you, please keep reading.

So I have all of this hamburger meat in my freezer that I have to eat up. I thought, how about Sloppy Joe's? I haven't had a Sloppy Joe for like, 20 years. (I pride myself on NOT eating things out of cans.) BUT, I broke down my pride and used a can of Manwich sauce. BAD.IDEA. I have been constantly belching and farting for a straight 24 hours. I am NOT kidding. It is BAD. I can't even stand myself. I kept myself awake all night. I am thanking God that my officemate called in sick. It WON'T stop!! I am a normal person in this department normally, but crap on a cracker, I could've propelled myself to work this morning without starting the car! Beano does not work. Antacids do not work. I really need this to stop now. Thank you.

Aren't you glad you read my blog?

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