Friday, November 27, 2009

I have good days and I have bad days. Everyone does, but when the bad hits, it really hits. The last few years have just torn my soul apart. Deaths, separation/divorce, and many other things - and I was already stressed, struggling and unhappy when the storm came and slammed my ass. One thing after the other...BOOM BOOM BOOM. I was doing pretty well there for awhile keeping myself together, but some 'challenges' have presented themselves of late and the few glimpses of hope for a couple of things I had, have died.

I walked through Costco today among the decorations, families and busy shoppers. I felt dizzy. I suddenly felt incredibly alone with 100's of people around. I felt small and invisible. I just told myself to breathe. "This too shall pass."

I'm just having faith that everything will be OK. You have to be happy with yourself before your life will start to take a good shape. I like myself - even when I'm a dumbass idiot fool, but sometimes life can beat you down a bit.

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