Monday, November 02, 2009


1. I don't always take my makeup off before going to bed.
2. I love to pop zits. Anyone's.
3. I love the smell of gasoline.
4. I have a hard time finishing books. I start one, then start another one, and so on and so on.
5. I used to be a neat freak, and suddenly I'm a slob and I don't care.
6. I have never thought that Brad Pitt was good looking. At all.
7. I get obsessive about certain things and I drive myself crazy.
8. I spend a shitload of money on expensive shampoo/conditioner.
9. I am very uncomfortable on airplanes and I'm wondering how much Valium I'm gonna have to take on the way to the East Coast. I'm not afraid it will crash - it is the small seat with too many people around.
10. I can't close a Ziplock bag to save my life.


Whiney Momma said...

Wow...those are some confessions!

Cheryl said...

yeah, and those were the ones I was willing to share!!