Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Again a day goes by where I didn't get to go to New York. BAH! Too much damn work. I told my boss that if we didn't go tomorrow that I would quit. So we are going tomorrow. I gave her the 'face'. I have seen quite a bit of Jersey, however. That, and I've never eaten so good! I'm all about the food. Went to the Melting Pot. YUM. Dipping food in cheese and chocolate - how can than that EVER be a bad thing? This is my boss laughing because I do it wrong. I break all the rules. I leave the metal "rescue" spoon in the hot pot, I lose my food off the skewer, I double dip, I get it all over the front of me...she found it amusing.

Another funny story....

We were sitting in a deli for lunch (yes, we constantly eat) and someone asked for a pen. I went into my purse and dug one out. About 20 minutes later someone at the table starts busting up into laughter. I'm all wtf is so funny? She says "You look like a Smurf!" Apparently the pen was leaking blue ink, got all over my hands without my knowledge, then I proceeded to touch every part of my face. I had it ALL OVER ME. BLUE. IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY NEW JERSEY DELI.
The pic of me? I don't know. I get bored. What happens in Jersey, stays in Jersey.

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