Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm 38 today. I am wearing my new leopard shirt, my obnoxiously big earrings and look stoned even though I'm not. I took a picture of myself this morning to mark the occasion. Birthdays have never been anything special for me. I mean, I've only had ONE birthday party bash in my life. That ONE was my 21st birthday a looooong 17 years ago. The last picture represents the evening. I am the one with my mouth wide open. (Are you even surprised?) Those are some old friends and people I worked with at the time. I was a waitress getting through college and getting ready to start the Police Academy. I was young and naive and an idealist. Now I'm old, wise and cynical as all hell. That day I didn't work. I remember getting up, getting all pretty, calling my boyfriend (I was dating one of the chefs at the restaurant at the time) and then heading out for quite a party! My friends paid for everything - my steak dinner, all my drinks (and there were plenty) and a hotel room at the Embassy Suites. It was so much fun - a time I'll never forget.

Today? Got up for work, got as pretty as I could, sat in traffic, and at 1:15 I have a doctor's appt. My honey is buying the fixin's, but I'm cooking us dinner. Gotta have my cajun prawns. And that's it. Last year I just cried on my birthday. A few people have wished me a Happy Birthday, and I have received some nice gifts, but all in all nothing really that exciting. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything (ok maybe a little), I thought I would just write about the jubilee that will [not] be. I guess the good news is that I kind of look the same in the face. I have a few crow's feet blooming and some creases around the mouth, but I have the same hair, less the bangs - and it's a little shorter. The body...NOT the same. I'm a hurtin' unit in that department. Oh well. Such is life. It's my own damn fault. Although now that I look at the pic closely, I was a little pudgy then - not quite at my best. I would still KILL to have that little pudge. *sigh* It was the beginning of the end...hahahahahahaha!

OK, enough of that shit. Happy Birthday to me! It is Crazydogmamapalooza today! You all better be nice to me. ;-)


Lea said...

Happy birthday! Post a pic of those cajun prawns for us!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Mama! You still look just as good as you did in that picture, I think you actually look better now :) Big hair and bangs wasn't such a good look was it, lol. The big 40 is coming up for me next month too, I am not big on celebrating my birthday either though. I am glad you are having a better birthday this year than last, that is a good thing. Enjoy your time out on the east coast and try and do a little celebrating in the city if you can!

Cheryl said...

awww, you guys, thanks!!

Lea - will post pics of prawns!

Kim - "I think you actually look better now" If you were a man, I'd marry you! Or at least do good stuff to you...LOL!! Instead I will send you a BIG thank you and lots of XOXOXO!

Anonymous said...

From an anonymous reader - Happy Birthday! You are just a youngster! Glad you mentioned your honey, sometimes I wonder what happened to him. (None of my business, I know.) I loved your recent post about not thinking Brad Pitt was all that great. I have to admit that I think Tom Cruise is not so hot. (But I like Brad.)

Elizabeth said...



Ann(ie) said...

I know!!!! I remember bitching about how big I was in HS and what I wouldn't give to be 125 lbs again. sigh.
Have a blast in NYC...YOU will love it!!! I would totally move there if I were a single gal with no kids ... awesome awesome city!!! See you in a week or so for bevvies.