Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My fun night of realizing how old I am.

So me and some girly friends went out after work tonight to have some fun. We went and got pedicure/manicures (I now have orange toes for Halloween ~ ha!) and then went to a restaurant and had margaritas and appetizers. My margarita was NINE FUCKING DOLLARS and wasn't even top shelf! Now, it was good, but geee-zus!! When the waiter asked if I wanted a second one, I said NO. Annie's margarita was FOURTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS. It was about 3 inches taller than mine. The world has gone completely insane. Anyway, we all started getting tired and cranky at about 8 pm. Yep, getting old. Time for bed. Night night.

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Ann(ie) said...

I still can't believe the price of those drinks!!!! Wow. But it was a fun night! Far cry from how we used to party huh??? Aint aging grand???? Hope you're having a good weekend. Cali is cold. :(