Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have found a new kind of tired. A kind that goes beyond no sleep. I don't know how I drive to work some days. It must be autopilot. At a certain time of night, things get blurry and fuzzy - even with glasses on. Things are getting that way right now and I promised someone something for work tomorrow. I can't do it. I hope I can get up early and get it done because I am a woman of my word.
It would be so much easier to be a lying, unethical slacker. Damnit! Some say I push myself way too hard, but that is who I am.

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Chele said...

I'm having a week like that. Today I thought I had 15 more mintues to sleep. then I realized I was supposed to have been up an hour before. Then I got to work with the pregnant girl who things pregnancy is a disabling disease that leaves her unable to think or function. I also want to become a slacker, let me know if you figure out how.