Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Question: it is a scientific fact that humans are partially made up of energy. (Some believe this is the soul). Energy does not 'die' and therefore must go somewhere once the human body dies. Whether or not you are religious, what is your explanation of where this energy goes?


Paul Perkins said...

Dragging the terms "scientific fact" and "energy" into this question is meaningless and irritating. Edit that out, you are asking what happens to a human when it dies. In terms of the visible world, it stops being a human being and then stops being a thing at all, but instead becomes parts of other things. In terms of the supernatural world, anyone who wants one can have an opinion, and all opinions are of equal value.

Cheryl said...

1. What makes the terms scientific fact/energy "meaningless" in this question? I work in the science please, illuminate me with your knowledge.
2. I could give less than a shit what is irritating to you.
3. The question was posed as a "gimme your opinion" question based on what we know vs. what we don't know. So what is your issue?
4. I'm not asking what happens supernaturally.

Cheryl said...

Oh, and about this: "but instead becomes parts of other things"

WHAT other things? That was the source of my question - what does the energy then become a part of?